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What is a Gimmick Road Rallye and who is Brand-X?




A Gimmick Road Rallye (sometimes known as Gimmick Road Rally) is like a computer logic game.  In a computer logic game you have may different ways to leave a room (or screen) but there is only one correct way out that allows you to go to another level.  In a Gimmick Road Rallye you are competing on the open road.  Sorry it is not a race.  Most Gimmick rallyes are based upon a theme.  In many cases we give you at least two ways to leave an intersection.   Just as in a computer logic game there is only one correct way to leave a room, there is only one correct way to complete each Route Instruction.  The Brand-X Rallye Team (based in a Chicago suburb) began in 1971 as a group of people that ran gimmick rallyes.  In 1972 we put on our first event, "DECISIONS, DECISIONS", based on the Nixon/McGovern election. In our 38 years Brand-X has put on over 300 rallyes for the public to enjoy.  Our members have over 200 years of rallying experience combined.  For a further introduction to rallying see  Welcome to Brand-X Please scroll down to see our schedule.






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The 2017 Rallye Season

For various reasons none of our members are available to write a rallye this rallye season. We are accessing attendance on the other rallye teams rallyes to determine whether to continue in 2018.  We hope that you will support Wheels and SCORE rallyes during the 2017 season.


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All Brand-X Rallye Team rallyes begin at Woodfield Mall parking area B2 (near the intersection of West Dr. and Golf Rd.)  Registration opens at 6:00PM (excluding our Sunday events).  We conduct a free rallye school for beginners and novices a half hour after registration opens.  At each event we have a limited supply  of rallye survival kits that we give to cars that register as a first timer for all in the car.  




***Point-to-Point rallye where you set your own course.  


















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