Thank you for running our rallye.  I would like to thank the following people for helping make this a fun event: Jeff Lurie (your humble Rallyewizard), Kathy Lurie, Bill & Linda Wallace, Kathy Thomas, Daren Walsh, Robin Schmidt.


Execution of LGI’s, correct question answers and checkpoint box scoring: On/C=on course, Off/C=off course, N/S=not scored.

#1  Box Locosta


Did you notice you did not have the correct scoresheet?  If you went back to the Registration Car and indicated that you did not have the correct scoresheet you received a Treat correcting the error and you were instructed to sign box Locosta.

#2  LGI A No On/C

Redundant with main road determinant straight as possible.

#3  LGI B No On/C

Redundant with main road determinant straight as possible.

#4  LGI D Yes On/C

Because you executed NGI 2 you were no longer after National.  LGI C No N/S.

#5  LGI E Yes On/C

Execute at the intersection of Plum Grove, Wiley and Commerce.  You were at Wiley after “Wiley” the sign was for Wiley Farm. LGI F No N/S.

#6  LGI H Yes On/C

There was no ‘End’. According to the GI’s ‘St=drive=road=ave=lane=Rd=street, etc.’ So, Park Ave = Park Lane.  LGI’s G and J were No N/S.

#7 LGI M Yes


According to the GI’s ‘Even though it’s fall, no frost is allowed.’ Therefore ‘Frost’ can never exist. LGI’s K and L No N/S.

#8  LGI P Yes On/C

The GI’s state ‘In 1968 Huntington did not exist, nor does it today. Huntington does not exist but Freeman does so you do LGI P and not LGI N.

#9 ?1 60 or more


There are at least 60 full skeletons at this location.  Awesome display.  LGI Q Yes N/S.

#10 LGI’s R and S

Both No On/C

So the red herring is Huntington which doesn’t exist so you shouldn’t do LGI S.  So, did you do LGI R? Wrong it was redundant with Right at Tee main road determinant.

#11 T No On/C

First you must complete NGI 7 before you can consider LGI T.  Did you remember you were ‘Onto’ Mundhank? You re-enter Mundhank as a sideroad.

#12 ?2 Zero On/C

A lot of big pumpkins but nothing was labeled as a ‘Great Pumpkin’.

#13 LGI U No On/C

GI ‘Never execute a U Turn, except to reverse your compass heading in a cul-de-sac.’ Also the road ahead of you was Champlain which did not exist, plus you were still ‘Onto’ Mundhank so you continued to follow Mundhank to the right.

#14 ?3 No On/C

There was a road named Butera but it was not a grocery store just name for one.

#15 LGI V No On/C

It was redundant with Right at Tee main road determinant.

#16 LGI W No On/C

You were still ‘Onto’ Penny. ‘If you can follow or re-enter in more than one compass heading, do so only in the direction you were originally placed ‘onto’ that road.’ 

#17 LGI Z Yes On/C

This is a bit more complicated then what you have seen so far. First you come up to Healy on the left that was a ‘No Outlet’ so you force right to continue onto Penny. Next intersection is where Penny goes to the left and Healy is a road to the right. You can leave that intersection non-redundantly by executing LGI X (N/S) by turning right on Healy and at the Tee at the end of the road you see “Keep Illinois Clean” and you executed LGI Z.  LGI Y No N/S was another red herring, everyone should have execute NGI 15 Right on Bateman.

#18 ?4 16 On/C

Depictions of arrows are arrows, and an arrow must have both a head and a shaft.  You can count all the curve arrows and double arrows (only once for each), but not the chevrons, so the total is 16, not 0 or any other number.

#19 ?5 Yes On/C

As soon as you complete the left on Meadow Hill in a driveway on your right is a Frankenstein monster depiction.

#20 LGI AA Yes On/C

Both LGI AA and BB apply at the same intersection so you obey GI ‘If two or more LGIs can be executed at the same point, do only the applicable LGI that is highest alphabetically (Example: A is higher than B, Z is higher than AA, BC is higher than BD, etc.).”  LGI BB No N/S.

#21 LGI CC Yes On/C

Did you notice that LGI CC and DD were out of order in your Ghost Instructions? This GI applies again ‘If two or more LGIs can be executed at the same point, do only the applicable LGI that is highest alphabetically (Example: A is higher than B, Z is higher than AA, BC is higher than BD, etc.).”  LGI DD No N/S.

#22 ?6 8 On/C

Simple tombstone count.  LGI’s EE and FF N/S.

#23 LGI HH Yes On/C

LGI GG stated Right on crossroad.  To the left the road was marked as “No Outlet” therefore the left road segment did not exist and it was not a crossroad.

#24 Box Laurie Strode On/C

The GI’s state ‘You will be hunting ghosts today.’ Part of your name must be ‘hunting’. This was signed at the first checkpoint. Taped to announcement board at the beginning of the walkway to the shelter wasTreat: Po=day.’

#25 LGI JJ Yes On/C

NGI 23. East at traffic signal. (Right.) GI’s state ‘Helpful information in the Ghost Instructions is enclosed in double parentheses ((example)).’ The (Right.) is executable and must be done. KK No N/S.   

#26 ?8. Zombies On/C

Neat display with automation. “Do not feed the Zombies” sign hanging in the yard.

#27 ?7 Yes On/C

NGI 25. Hunt the Eye of Newt at “Fairborn”. GI states ‘HUNT THE EYE OF NEWT: search for the eye of newt for .50 mile.’ Each LGI applies from the completion point of the preceding NGI until the initiation point of the following NGI. You must run out the .50 miles before you can consider LGI LL. If you run out the .50 mile you see “Elizabeth” LGI LL No N/S.

#28 Box Glinda On/C

You find both Glinda and Theodora at the second checkpoint. GI’s state ‘As a ransom for WW’s release, you must give a piece of candy to Glinda or Theodora.’ If you gave a piece of candy to either you got the ‘Glinda’ signature.

#29 LGI MM No On/C

The GI’s state ‘Rallyists are required to stop at any checkpoint you encounter along the course.’ so you do the GI, not the LGI.

#30 ?9 Tiebreaker

You can investigate the whole property for ghosts, Besides all over the front yard there are some in the backyard and on both sides of the house. There are a total of 56 ghosts here. No, the numbered tombstones on the front door were just that tombstones not ghosts.

#31 Box Maria Brinkman On/C

The GI’s state ‘If you see a ghost you will become a frog.’ You have seen plenty of ghosts before you checked in at the checkpoint, so ‘frog’ should be part of your name. Signed at 313.

#32 LGI NN No On/C

Remember ‘Po=day’. Baked into the rice Krispy brain given at the last checkpoint was ‘Treat: wer=break.’ So now power = Daybreak. But what do you do with it? GI’s state ‘Wizard Merlin, a friend of the Rallyewizard, has always been known to have special magical power; you must borrow his power only once.’ Also, ‘BORROW HIS: turn right on.’ So you must turn right on Daybreak by GI.

#33 ?10 25 or more On/C

At 1057 there are at least 25 skulls but it’s within reason to count more so the acceptable answer is 25 or more.

#34 LGI PP No On/C

At one of the checkpoints we put a Halloween sticker on the back of your scoresheet.  Under the sticker we put ‘Treat: Left on Asbury.’ So, you went left on Asbury by the Treat and not the LGI.

#35 ?11 26 On/C

At 791 there were 26 “RIP”; your Humble Rallyewizard and the owner of the home counted them together. Drive by on the way home if are going that way, it looks really cool at night all lit up.

#36 LGI QQ Yes On/C

When you are on a road you are at that road. LGI RR No N/S.

#37 ?12 3 On/C

You have to do a couple things right to come to the right answer. First you must realize that you must drive 1.40 miles before you can consider LGI SS N/S. By doing so you must drive past Savoy two times, turning on it the third time. By running out the full 1.40 miles you drive by two “Beacon” three times.  GI’s state ‘Anything in quotes in the Ghost Instructions, "EXAMPLE", refers to a specific sign seen from the course.’ You can only count ‘a specific sign’ three times, not 1, 2, 4, or 6 times.

#38 ?13 4 On/C

No matter how many times you drive past this location there are only 4 ghosts there.

#39 ?14 No On/C

You could see a “G Reaper” but not a “Grim Reaper”.

#40 ?15 Voodoo

At 210 which is the same house for ?14, but around the corner you found “Voodoo Mansion”.

#41 ?16 10 On/C

The last house had two displays, one on each side of its driveway.

#42 ?17 5 On/C

Four skeletons climbing the house and one on tree by the driveway. There appears to be a second one on the tree but by further examination it is not a full skeleton.

#43 LGI TT No On/C

GI’s state ‘When you encounter the Witches Coven, enter the Witches Coven parking lot, park your broom in the rear, then enter the Witches Coven from the rear entrance to the building (in the back).’ You should never do NGI 41 and 42 and LGI TT. You must do the GI. If you did NGI 41 you did LGI TT which was Off/C

#44 ?18 Yes On/C

It’s a general that can be answered anywhere between NGI 1 and NGI 42. 


Thanks again for running Whoosh Witch 49, a Brand-X Road Rallye.  We hope to see everyone in 2017.