an entire season of very special events, including:


  Even Fools are Right Sometimes Presented


PICTURE THIS – The Great Autumn Tour Rallye – 9/25

best of both worlds, gimmick and photo tour rallyes – Sunday daylight on one of the longest days of the year



the 49th annual running of WHOOSH WITCH – 10/30

the longest continuously running annual rallye series again runs Sunday daytime, in full costume regalia exact theme is a closely guarded secret, known only to Anonymous and the NSA




with all those things that make a BrandX rallye the best:

Rallye School for Beginners               Experienced and knowledgeable RallyemastersCourses pre-checked multiple times

Real Trophies made with genuine Italian Carrera marble and hand-engraved plates

Winners Photos and morning-after synopsis posted on our website

 More Info?  Call the real-live rallyemasters at the telephone numbers listed,

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