this is the Year of the Horse – 4712

an entire season of very special events, including:


 the 41st annual running of MARCH FORTH – 4/26

straightforward, pure logic warm-up for the rallye season – no checkpoints, so no weather concerns – Eli’s Cheesecake at the starting point if Kryspy Kreme tanks



PICTURE THIS – The Great Summer Tour Rallye – 6/22

best of both worlds, gimmick and photo tour rallyes – Sunday daylight on the first full day of summer



the 22nd annual running of FIELD OF DWEEBS:

NCAA Basketball – 8/9

Coach K(eith) takes you on tour with the newly unionized college teams



the 46th annual running of WHOOSH WITCH – 10/26

the longest continuously running annual rallye series again runs Sunday daytime, in full costume regalia exact theme is a closely guarded secret, known only to Anonymous and the NSA



the 51st running of UnRALLYE – 11/16

the Mother of all point-to-point rallyes – no Route Instructions to follow, plot your own course

from point to point – he who gets to the most points before time runs out wins,

so this is as close to a race as you’ll ever get on the Chicago rallye circuit –

running in daylight this year for the first time ever


+ Championship Series and Attendance Bonus Awards presentation


with all those things that make a BrandX rallye the best:

Rallye School for Beginners               Experienced and knowledgeable Rallyemasters

Survival Kits for First-Timers                Courses pre-checked multiple times

Real Trophies made with genuine Italian Carrera marble and hand-engraved plates

Winners Photos and morning-after synopsis posted on our website

Season-long Championship Series, and cool attendance bonus prizes


More Info?  Call the real-live rallyemasters at the telephone numbers listed,

or visit us online at


More Info?  Call the real-live rallyemasters at the telephone numbers listed for the event

or visit us online at or e-mail us at or