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Below are pictures of the winners of the rallye and Championship Series


Position Trophy Car#/Class Driver / Navigator Team Points Tiebreaker
1 1st 5/M KoppC / MannE
125 8
2 2nd 3/N GoodmanL / GoodmanS
105 5
6/M HoelC / HansonM
95 6
7/N PinskyM / CreamerL
90 4
2/M CichorackiG /CichorackiB SCORE 90 0
4/M MitchellA / DowningT
65 1
1/N HinmanC / MirroA
45 6

7 Cars started – 7 cars finished

Tiebreaker – minutes by which you arrived before (after) your FWP time (the more positive the better)

Thank you all for coming out, and we hope to see you in 2015 for our 43rd rallye season -- 
  -- watch your mail for postcard and/or flyers in March

Click on above link for final standings in the 2014 Brand-X Championship Series.

 -- Grandmaster class:  Ed Davis won the Series, with Marty Howard 4 points back, reversing 2013.
 -- Master class: Greg Cichoracki hung on to take 1st Place with Chip Kopp 2 points back
 -- Novice class: with up to 24 people eligible, Loren and Steve Goodman won UnRallye to edge out

Mary Raymond and Barbara Sharon

Attendance Bonus results:

1st/2nd – Greg Cichoracki and Chip Kopp chose the cat chase toy and the travel mugs set
3rd – Ed Davis took the Hostess Twinkie maker

4th – Brian Cichoraki took the Hostess Cupcake maker

5th – Alicia Mitchell took the Hamilton Beach extra tall can opener

That leaves the Logitech C260 WebCam and the 4GB flash drive to start off 2015's prize list.


1st place - MannE / KoppC


2nd place - GoodmanL / GoodmanS



Novice class: Loren and Steve Goodman


Master class: Greg Cichoracki / Chip Kopp


Grandmaster class:  Ed Davis with Marty Howard (not pictured)